fixed profile holder


  movable handle profile with a handle




  electrical control

Somfy electric control


Automatic pleating support means the comfort of use of the blinds every day. The blinds can be controlled by a switch, remote control or any mobile device, such as a computer, tablet, smart watch and Smartphone. Blinds can be combined into groups that will be controlled simultaneously.


If you choose a control option using a mobile device, you can control blinds from anywhere in the world.


Privacy, optimal temperature, and amount of light in the room have significant influence on our comfort, mood, and even efficiency. The needs may change, so it is worth choosing solutions that flexibly match current expectations.


Blinds are a system of internal window screens, appreciated mainly for the possibility of covering any part of the window and functionality depending on the chosen fabric. Blinds can completely darken the room or fulfil only a function similar to a curtain. They can protect against excessive heating in summer and heat loss in winter.


Honeycomb fabrics limit the heating of the rooms in the summer and do not lead to the loss of heat in the winter, thus contributing to the reduction of operating costs.


Many options available to control the blinds make everyday use of the cover extremely comfortable and simple.


A wide selection of fabrics with different colours and textures and the ability to match the colour of profiles makes the blinds fit perfectly into any interior.


The blinds can be easily mounted both non-invasively and by interfering with the window frame. Type of mounting can be adjusted to the size of the window.


The blinds ate the only window cover that allows you to cover any part of the window, distinguishing them as a solution of extremely high usability.


Blinds can be adapted to almost any window shape - from traditional rectangular, through oblique, to round. A version for roof windows is also available.


The covers provide protection against excessive solar radiation and give a sense of privacy, which allows you to relax in optimal conditions.



  A wide range of fabrics with different levels of translucency, a wide range of colours and a variety of textures.

  The Honeycomb collection is distinguished by its high thermal insulation. The use of a double fabric with an internal aluminium coating reduces the degree of heating of the rooms in the summer and limits their cooling in the winter.


  Non-flammable fabrics are also available.

Blinds give many configuration options. You can adjust them according to the shape of the window, the style of the interior, the needs, or the possibilities of assembly. They are a universal and flexible solution that fits almost any interior.

Profile colour


  standard: white, matte white, ivory, matte charcoal, mahogany brown, matte black, anodized silver,

  special: anodized (charcoal, champagne, dark olive, brown, black), wood-like (pine, golden oak, walnut, mahogany, swamp oak, Winchester)

Screwed to the windows frame or glazing bead

Invasive fixing

Non-invasive mounting

Applied to the window frame


Blind profiles in the Cosimo system are clicked into the hooks when attaching the string, which guarantees perfect adhesion of the coverto the window frame and no gap. This system ensures the stability of the blinds and guarantees that it will not slip.

Cosimo One
The Cosimo One system uses the magnetic Easy Click lock. After closing the blinds, the magnets automatically close it fully by joining the profile and fastening the string. Thanks to this solution, we have a guarantee of a tightly covered window.

Cosimo Cord Control
The Cosimo Cord Control version is distinguished by the way it is controlled with a string. The blind is equipped with an additional fixed upper profile, which is attached to the window frame and guarantees stability. The profile is recommended especially for windows with a width of more than 130 cm.